Lindsay Eddy


I am (was?) a chemistry major from Charleston, SC.  I just graduated from Furman, but, in an effort to never grow up, have decided to stay at Furman for math research this summer and then the chemistry master's program starting this fall.


Though I chose to major in chemistry, I felt it hard to ignore my lifelong love of math and kept taking math class after math class while at Furman.  By the end of my senior year I'd completed 8 of the 11 math classes needed for a math degree.  (I'm hoping to squeeze a couple more math classes in while I'm getting my masters if I can.)  The outstanding math professors I've had are a huge part of the reason I've taken so many math classes.  I've taken classes with both Dr. Hutson and Dr. Bouzarth, and am looking forward to working with both them and Dr. Harris on this May X.  I took Dr. Hutson's Operations Research course last fall, and I'm really interested in learning about how the concepts we learned in the class apply to the real world while we're at Disney.  I'm also interested in trying to integrate math into my future career, so experiencing applications of math firsthand this May will be very valuable to me.

Some of my good friends went on the Math and the Mouse May X the first time it happened two years ago, which pretty much means I've been hearing about Math and the Mouse constantly for the past two years.  They were really enthusiastic about the neat trivia they learned about Disney, the exciting projects they worked on, and the fun they had exploring the parks.  The Traveling Salesman Problem project they worked on is really interesting, and I can't wait to see what kinds of projects we'll end up working on.

The Mouse

I have been to Disney a few times, though I wouldn't consider myself a "Disney expert."  I went a couple times as a kid (including once when we lost my little brother...), and a once or twice as a teenager, including one time as a senior in high school on a class trip.

Though I can't really remember any specific restaurants from my previous trips to Disney, I am excited about trying some of the food from the World Showcase in Epcot.  Trying new foods is one of my favorite parts of traveling, and I remember eating some particularly delicious French pastries during my most recent trip to Disney...  As a Beauty and the Beast fan, I would also love to eat at the Be Our Guest restaurant, if money and reservations weren't an issue.

I've heard a lot about the Tower of Terror, so that's probably the ride I'm looking forward to the most.  I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and I'm hoping the Tower of Terror will give me my thrill fix.  I also want to go on the It's a Small World Ride.  I've heard that everyone either loves this ride or hates it with a passion (or maybe the people who claim to love it just really enjoy annoying the people who hate it) and I'm curious to see which category I fall into.  Though I don't know too much about it, I think the Future World in Epcot sounds really cool.  I love learning about new technology, and I think depicting the future of the world through the lens of human innovation is really neat and optimistic.

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