Alex Doxey

A rising sophomore, I am a declared Spanish major from Augusta, GA. In addition to Spanish, I wish to earn a business administration major. At Furman, I am actively involved with the Furman Dance Company, the Office of Admissions, and Tri Delta. Growing up, math was always my favorite subject. Although I do not plan on pursuing math as a career right now, I want to find different math opportunities at Furman. Math and the Mouse is the perfect opportunity! I remember seeing the May X advertised and knowing how great of an experience this would be for a math geek like me. Besides the fact that I get to experience Disney World for 3 weeks, I wanted to see how math could be used in real-world applications. Besides the typical word problems in math class, I have never experienced applied mathematics. I am vey excited for this trip to see a bit of the business aspect too of Disney. This is such a unique opportunity to not only see the magic behind one of the biggest franchises in the world, but to get to know fellow Furman students and faculty too!

Just as much as I love math, I love everything Disney! Just like many other girls when they were young, I aspired to be a Disney Princess when I grew up. Special thanks to my father for always dressing up to be the Beast to my Belle! I have done my rounds at Disney with the family when I was younger. Some of my favorite memories were getting to the park early and staying late, collecting Disney pins throughout the parks, and meeting all the different characters. Recently, I got to visit Disney again with my high school band during freshman year. We got to actually march in the Electrical Parade down Main Street at night, playing "Don't Stop Believing." That has to be one of my all-time favorite Disney experiences!

Favorite Attractions
From past visits to Disney World, some of my favorite things to do are to see the shows! As a musical theater nerd, I love to hear the classic Disney music put to a performance. My favorite which I would love to see again, is the Live Beauty and the Beast show, just because I love Belle so much. Because of my love for Disney Princesses, I am very excited to explore the new Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom! I have not visited since its construction and want to see the new attractions. While I love the shows and princesses, I also enjoy thrill rides. My all-time favorites are Rockin' Roller Coaster and Space Mountain. I can't wait to ride them over and over and over again!

Favorite Restaurants
Some of my favorite places to eat are the character dinners, since its so unique to Disney. When my family vacationed at Disney for Valentine's Day one year, we got to eat breakfast with the princesses and their princes for breakfast. One of my all-time favorite eating experiences is Cinderella's Castle. Where else can you actually eat in a real princess castle! With the new Fantasyland, I would love to eat at Be My Guest, the new Beauty and the Beast-themed restaurant. Besides eating at character-themed restaurants, I love to eat around the world in Epcot. More specifically, I love the Rose & Crown Pub, where I can get some good old Fish n' Chips and Shepherd's Pie!

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