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Day 18: Soarin' Through the Day

We're Soarin', Flyin'
Hi everyone, Caroline and Courtney here! Even though we had a late night last night celebrating Animal Kingdom's first night opening, we got up early for rope-drop at Epcot for one reason: the reopening of Soarin'. The popular simulation attraction has been closed for renovations, but reopened this weekend with an updated version of its former California-themed show. The final update will be titled Soarin' Over the World, and will showcase sights from around the world. Shoutout to Dr. Bouzarth for getting us FastPasses and noticing that it would be open today! We were able to ride the attraction once right when the park opened, and again using our FastPasses, and I was very impressed. While it isn't as "thrilling" as some other attractions, the entire simulation is beautifully done.
A selfie with some of the students before Soarin'
The Mouse Himself
In between our two Soarin' expeditions, we took a quick detour to the Character Spot in Epcot. We got to meet Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie, and loved getting to interact with the characters. Goofy seemed to particularly like one member of our group.

Goofy really like Mary Lib!

We made all the guys take a picture with Minnie!
One Day, Two Parks

After our flights at Epcot, we made the trip to Magic Kingdom so that one of our independent project groups could collect more data. When we arrived, my group (Caroline), ate a quick lunch at Casey's on Main Street before heading towards Liberty Square and Frontierland. After missing the showtime for the Hall of Presidents, Dr. Hutson thought it would be a good idea to take some of us to Country Bear Jamboree. I will only say that it was a memorable experience where we also got to see some of the earliest animatronics at Disney World. After helping the Fastpass group collect some data, a few other students and I went back to Main Street for some souvenir shopping.

My group (Courtney) grabbed some food at the Colombia Harbour House then headed to Big Thunder Mountain to gather some data. Since we were only focussed on one ride, not all twelve students were needed to collect data. Therefore, we decided to go to see The Enchanted Tiki Room for the first time this trip. There were some mixed reactions, especially since the song can get stuck in your head throughout the entire day. However, I personally believe that it is a classic that you have to do once every time you go to Disney.

Some Math with our Mouse
Back at the hotel, we began analyzing our data for our independent group projects. My group (Caroline) is looking at the Rock n Rollercoaster and Expedition Everest single rider lines. Disney utilized single rider lines to make their rides more efficient, as they can even out an odd party with an individual. We are trying to analyze their efficiency while also comparing the two lines. By counting party sizes as well as wait times for both of these attractions, we have been able to track the efficiency of the single rider line. We have established a hypothesis for how fast the single rider lines should be moving for each attraction, and plan on testing it tomorrow.

My group (Courtney) spent the past few days gathering data on the Disney characters guests can meet in each park. We continued to organize our data today by the 12 different characters that we observed. We arranged the data further by looking at the time characters spent with guests to analyze the number of autographs that the characters signed from 0 to 2 or more and how this affected the time they spent with each guest. Our second half of our project looks at the number of people a character can visit within 30 minutes. We recorded the party sizes seen by each of the 12 characters to find how many people each character could see a 30 minute time span. We are looking to determine whether the number that a Disney cast member gave us, which was 80 people in 30 minutes, could be correct.
We finally got a good group picture with Mickey!

Illuminated for the Last Time
For the last time, our group went to Epcot to enjoy a delicious dinner and fireworks. When we arrived at the park, some of us went souvenir shopping and exploring at our favorite pavilions, while others took the opportunity to journey to Mars one last time. We had a great dinner at Nine Dragons. Right after dinner, we caught our last viewing of Illuminations, the Epcot firework and light show. It was just as dazzling as it was the first time, and we left the park with nothing but great pictures and memories!
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